The Reflexis Flow Notes

by the Reflexis team, 2009-2014.

The current notes

Here's the list of technical notes we've updated and published so far. If you're a Reflexis Flow developer, keep in mind that some of the information may be specific to the upcoming Flow release. In any case, we hope these notes prove useful. If you find anything amiss, please let us know. Happy reading!

Scripting SQLite using Lua

While Reflexis Flow provides several convenient ways to deal with databases from within application flows, you may sometimes want to work with SQLite databases directly. Here we explain how you can, by detailing both the basic API as well as several utility functions that we provide.

CSS changes – Reflexis Flow 2014

In the latest Reflexis Flow release we tuned the way parts add CSS classes to their output. This note provides an overview of the changes made. The improved approach makes it easier to manage project stylesheets. Use the overview as a starting point for updating yours.

Deploying Reflexis Flow systems

This note describes how to set up a Reflexis Flow system. We discuss the required components and explain the tools that help you deploy (and update) a system quickly. After reading, you should have a good grasp on how to create your own packages and set up your own instances.

Learning Lua

It's easy to create useful applications with Reflexis Flow without any knowledge of Lua. But if you do know Lua, you'll be able to extend our platform in lots of interesting ways! Want to teach yourself? We heartily recommend the book Programming in Lua (3rd Ed.), and show you what to focus on.

Supporting tools

Here we describe several useful tools (some by us, most by others) that can assist you while you develop your flows or try out Lua code. We also provide configuration tips and download links to help you on your way. Spend some time on figuring out these tools, they're worth it.

The upcoming notes

Although more notes are scheduled to be put online, here's a partial list of what you can expect the upcoming weeks. If you need something else, feel free to let us know.

Working web services

We've designed the lib/ws subsystem so you can interact with web services conveniently and securely. In this note we describe how to wrap any web service you'd like to work with.

Starting sessions

For Reflexis Flow we've created a flexible and convenient starter mechanism that cleanly decouples authorisation logic from your application flows. We explain how to create custom starters.

Creating Flow parts

Here's an overview of the topics we present during our "Write your own flow parts" training. We'll discuss the main mechanisms and provide guidelines on how to keep things simple & secure.

An introduction to Flow

This is a quick introduction to the concepts of Reflexis Flow, our agile, model-driven platform for web applications. We highlight several features and explain the main advantages.