Programming in Lua (3rd Ed.)

by Roberto Ierusalimschy

In this overview of Roberto's excellent book we've marked the chapters you should focus on when learning Lua. Read the basics first, then move on to the advanced ones.

basics advanced binding extra
I. The Language
1Getting Started ×
2Types and Values ×
3Expressions ×
4Statements ×
5Functions ×
6More About Functions ×
7Iterators and the Generic for ×
8Compilation, Execution, and Errors ×
9Coroutines ×
10Complete Examples ×
II. Tables and Objects
11Data Structures ×
12Data Files and Persistence ×
13Metatables and Metamethods ×
14The Environment ×
15Modules and Packages ×
16Object-Oriented Programming ×
17Weak Tables and Finalizers ×
III. The Standard Libraries
18The Mathematical Library ×
19The Bitwise Library ×
20The Table Library ×
21The String Library ×
22The I/O Library ×
23The Operating System Library ×
24The Debug Library ×
25An Overview of the C API ×
26Extending Your Application ×
27Calling C from Lua ×
28Techniques for Writing C Functions ×
29User-Defined Types in C ×
30Managing Resources ×
31Threads and States ×
32Memory Management ×